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Selection of 100 Night View Spots

This is a can't-miss application packed with Night View Spot information and photos, which is useful for date, declaration of love and your marriage proposal.
The application introduces 96 spots, the beest selection of night view spots in Japan, which are comparable to world's 3 most beautiful night view spots. Information about each spot includes 4-star rating scale for"beauty","atmosphere" and "access" as well as facility information such as the availability of vending machines and observatories.
The application also works with a GPS based "Map" application. So, a route to your destination can be found easily. Slideshow is implemented in ver1.1. You can use your iPhone and iPad as a photo stand with this application.
Why don't you carry around romantic night view photos on your iPhone?

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    Selection of 100 Night View Spots

    A sale date:May,2010
    Customer Price : US$ 1.99
    Category : Travel

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