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iPhone/iPod Touch My Dear Sister

"Oniichan" is a Japnese word, used when you call your elder brother or an elder male with great affection. In this application, you will be called "Oniichan" when you touch various spots hidden in the screen. "Oniichan" is spoken in various tones of voice which are wistful, sweet and teasing. You may hear even a voice that sounds as if you encoutered an alien. So those voices remind you of various situations. Total 300 different voices are available! Enjoy and find all of them.

Very easy to play. Touch a certain spot in the screen, then you hear an "Oniichan" voice spoken under a certain situation. (Nothing happens when you miss the point) 100 different voices per character and 300 in total such as happy, angry and incredible ones are available! Find all of "Oniichan" voice spots by gently touching the screen as if you are stroking someone's hair or poking someone's cheek. Those spots are very small and all of them may not be found that easily. But hold on! With your affection, you should be able to find them and hear all of different "Oniichan" voices!

There are three types of girls that call you"Onichan". The popular voice actresses, "Milk Shirayuki", "Himeko Sakuragawa" and "Alice," are playing their voices. Are they your blood related sisters, step sisters, or any girls you know? ... It's up to your fantasy.

1. a bit happy 36. calling from afar 71. in the jungle
2. very delighted 37. calling from a very far distance 72. while tapping on the keyboard
3. a bit angry 38. whispering near by 73. 3 seconds before lift off
4. very angry. 39. whispering by your ears 74. in zero gravity.
5. a bit sad 40. distortion 75. encountering an alien from outer space
6. very sad 41. reverb 76. meeting a witch
7. a bit tearful 42. delay 77. meeting a cannibal
8. weeping 43. wah 78. being amused
9. a bit enjoyable 44. equalizer 79. You fool!
10. very enjoyable 45. pitch shifter 80. right after a 100-meter run    
11. slightly ticklish 46. flanger 81. while arm wrestling
12. very ticklish 47. a bit ashamed 82. longing
13. a bit hot 48. embarassed 83. great longing
14. very hot 49. a bit shy 84. thank you
15. a bit lonely 50. very shy 85. thank you so much
16. very lonely 51. stinks a bit 86. no!
17. a bit cold 52. stinks a lot 87. stop already
18. very cold 53. suffering a little 88. absolutely not
19. the moment she wakes up 54. in agony 89. ask a favor
20. while brushing teeth 55. hurt 90. great mood
21. in front of the toilet 56. terribly hurt 91. fawning a bit over you
22. while having breakfast 57. slightly depressed 92. fawning a lot over you
23. might be late for school 58. terribly depressed 93. feeling good
24. I'll be going now 59. laughing slightly 94. feeling great
25. Have a nice day 60. laughing loudly 95. dislike you
26. I'm home. 61. making a fool of you 96. hate you
27. "Welcome back." 62. condescending towards you 97. like you
28. in the bathtub 63. pinching her nose 98. like you a lot
29. after taking a bath 64. humming 99. I love you
30. arguing over channels 65. covering her mouth 100. I love you like no other
31. good night 66. casting an upward glance
32. a bit sleepy 67. covering her ears
33. very sleepy 68. arranging hair upwards with fingers
34. mumbling while asleep 69. in the middle of hard rain
35. talking while sleeping 70. in the middle of a storm

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My Dear Sister

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