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"The Mousou-Voice CD" series which have expanded more than 15titles after "Oni-chan CD",created "the Delution Voice phenomenon"in Japan, will finally hit the streets as an iPhone/ipod touch application.
The second shot is "Alarm CD"! It includes a total of 120 cute voices exclusively for the alarm by three popular voice actors,“Manabi Mizuno”“Rie Tanaka”“Shiho Kawaragi”.

Chara 1 Chara 2 Chara 3

Alarm Voices varies from day to day

Also there are some specific features due to iPhone/iPod touch application that promise you a wonderful morning such as "Voices Patterns" that vary according to the day, "Girls Tone Changes by Snooze"which changes as you sneeze more. Let's have a dreamy morning with their addictive and cute voices. Theare are three different types of girls. Each voices are recorded by popular voice actors, “Manabi Mizuno”“Rie Tanaka”“Shiho Kawaragi”. You can choose a girl by her voices or image, or have a different character everyday. Who is the best to wake you up in the morning?

Alarm Voices varies from day to day

Hesitate to stop the alarm? Snooze system.

Setting a snooze, the character voice changes according to the set time. She may wake you up in aggressive, soft, or sometimes angry tone! No kinds of sleepyhead would be able to keep sneezing. Or you might hesitate to stop the alarm so that you can hear various patterns of their voices.

Voice List

1. Morning, rise and shine. If you don't hurry you'll be late.

2. Pi, pi, pi, eight o'clock! Wake up! Hey, hey, hey! Wake up!

3. It's morning! Wake up!!

4. Hey, hey! The police are here! Wake up! ... Sorry, that's a lie... You didn't wake up, so...

5. Today is full of fun things too! Come on! You've been waiting for my cooking, right?

6. Good morning, master. Breakfast is scrambled eggs with bacon, freshly picked salad, and darjeeling tea for your drink?

7. Did you have a nice dream? You didn't sleep? Why?

8. Tweet tweet tweet... (bird chirping)

9. Good morning!!! Surprised? I thought you wouldn't get up without shouting.

10. Wow, it feels good! The weather is so nice today, it's like yesterday's downpour was a lie. Look, look! It's like I'm shining in the sun! Look at me~!

11. I'm going to use force now! Ey!

12. Morning, it's morning, run from your house after breakfast, run away from home~

13. Good morning, my darling, let's enjoy the day, go go!

14. Hey! Wake up! If you don't get up immediately I'll be angry.

15. Come on! If you don't get up our date time will suffer! B-but it's not like I was looking forward to it or anything.

16. (Robot Wake) Pipipipipipi, master it's time to wake up. Please get up.

17. Are you dense? Wake up already, you promised to go shopping with me today.

18. Good morning! Today's breakfast is sunny side up eggs! Get up or it'll become cold!

19. I'm going out now, you can make your own breakfast. But if you get up now I can make yours too. Decide now! Are you going to wake up or not?!

20. Did you sleep well? I dreamt of you.

21. (Knife sounds) Oh you woke up? Sorry, breakfast will be ready in a bit.

22. Mmnya... Good morning (yawn) Ah! Hey! Wake up! It's almost sunset!

23. Hey, look! The weather is so nice. Get up and let's go out.

24. Morning, you have a really cute sleeping face.

25. Here's your morning kiss.

26. Bro, get up already!

27. Good morning. If you don't get up, I'm going to do something to you.

28. Wake up quick! Let's cook breakfast together!

29. Wake up before I count to ten! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine...

30. Wake up already, wake up!

31. (Fry pan and ladle) Clang clang clang! Wake up! I went overboard? But you woke up, right?

32. Now is the time to wake up! Raise your will power!

33. Stupid! How long are you going to stay in bed?! Wake up already!

34. Wake up soon, or you'll regret it.

35. How long are you going to rot in bed, you dullard!

36. Hey! How long are you going to sleep! I came all the way over here, you know! Come on, wake up!

37. I love your sleeping face... Be mine forever.

38. Good morning! It's been my dream to wake you up every day... I'm glad it's come true.

39. Good morning! I love you, I love you, I love you!

40. ???

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