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iPhone/iPod Touch
i-Shrine (Japanese only)

Visit a shrine on your iPhone. A shrine is built under the supervision of Takamagahara Shrine in Takachiho which has a deity that works real miracles and now available on your iPhone. You can pray for divine aid anytime, anywhere. This is the application that allows you to worship and receive purification via iPhone.

Be sure to perform bowing twice and clapping twice according to Shinto manner as such performance is recognized by acceleration sensor and mike.

▼Process of worship
Make a wish with solemn mind to Amatsukami (collective term of gods that stay in Takamagahara, the Higher Celestial Plain) and Kunitsukami (collective term of gods that appeared on earth).

1:Offering. Tap the offertory box.
2:Bow twice. Bow your head twice with holding your iPhone in your hands.
3:Clap hands twice. Put your iPhone on a table and clap your hands twice slowly.
4:Pray to God with all your heart.
5:Bow one time. Bow your head deeply one time with holding your iPhone in your hands.

▼Fortune Slip (Omikuji)
Shake the Fortune Slip box by following the guidance of a shrine maiden.
By shaking your iPhone, you'll get a fortune slip.

As a Shinto prayer begins to play, swing Purification Stick on your iPhone right and left solemnly.
The Purification Stick on the screen moves accordingly as you swing your iPhone.

Here is a failure example.lol

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【Takamagahara Shrine】

At Takamagahara shrine, Amenonakanushino-kami (the central figure of all gods), Takagino-kami (the central figure of Takamagahara), Kamimusubino-kami (the central figure of Izumo) are enshrined as Hosai-Syujin (honored all father). Izanagi-no-Mikoto and Izanami-no-Mikoto (In Japanese mythology, it is believed Izanagi and Izanami bore many islands, deities and forefathers of Japan.), Amaterasuno Omikami (the sun goddess who was born from Izanagi-no-Mikoto's left eye. ) which is famous for its myth, and many other deities that control natunal phenomenon as eight million of sky deities and eight million of earth deities are also honored there. The belief that holy spirits dwell in all things in nature and keep them alive in this world, so called "Kamunagarano-michi (the way of gods)", is the intensive core idea for Japanese. Praying and feeling grateful for daily peace and inheriting worship for ancestors from generation to generation must be the foundation of prosperity and eventually for world peace.

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