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Supervised by Underwater Photographer, KOJI NAKAMURA
Fish Watching Guide

A fish watching guide recording over 235 species of fish in the seas of Japan, photographed by the world famous underwater photogrpaher, Nakamura Koji. This guide holds precious photos of deep sea fish such as the blackmouth goosefish, the extremely-hard-to-photograph red red tail, the diver's dream mirror basslet as well as the sea devil, and tropical fish such as the clownfish. In addition to photos; photo locations, sizes, english/latin names, as well as Kouji Nakamura's comments are included in the guide.Please enjoy the sights of fish in nature, something one cannot find in mere aquariums.

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Supervised by Underwater Photographer, KOJI NAKAMURA
Fish Watching Guide

A sale date: September, 2009

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Kouji Nakamura's comments are included in the guide.


Born 1947 Tokyo, graduated from Chuo University.
Started scuba diving at 18, taught underwater photography in Izu Ocean Garden by oceanic organisms expert Masuda Hajime.
Set up Jpan Underwater Films in 1978.Has a hand in many fields of underwater filming, including films, TV, commercials and giant exhibition films. Active across the world as the director of underwater photography in countries such as Japan, America, England, France and Canada.
-The "sea" is interesting. But what is interesting about it? I would reply "because there are many things living in it" without hesitation.
For humans, to get to know the things that live in the mysterious world called the "sea", they must first know the names. By remembering the names, the fish will become concreted on their fields of classification, uniquely registered in the human memory.
As stiff as it sounds, the starting point of remembering the names of fish and loving them is by treating the environment they live in with care. It would be an honor for this fish watching guide to help even a little in remembering the names and biological knowledge of thes fish in your minds.

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